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Step Inside

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Yeah, I’ve been AWOL… for a week! Holy Christmas… Busy with work and then opted for a long weekend out of town, went down to Hamilton, about an hour and a half south of Auckland. Very pleasant little city with a reputation for dullness that I found rather undeserved. Stayed at a little farm stay, so had a chance to commune with a few young steer and other livestock. Tooka tonne of photos, but really just got to developing them a bit tonight.

This one here is really just an advert for the new Picasa 3 upgrade. It’s got all sorts of fancy little filters and toys to play with, I am really quite enamoured. One click to get all sorts of Photoshop-like effects. No, it’s not as good as Photoshop – nothing is, I think. But few people will ever learn Photoshop – it’s so bloody complicated. It took me a full year of using it every day before I felt like I had a handle on it and it’s only now I can make it do what I intend from the outset. And it costs $1500 NZ, I think around $1000US, which is a bloody lot of money for a bit of software few people really need.

Picasa 3 on the other hand, is completely free. From Google. You can do a bit of retouching, zhoozhing, sharpening, and now add frames and filters and vignetting and blurs and all sorts of goodies. And even backs up your original so you can do it all sorts of different ways… I liked the old Picasa – but I just love the new Picasa!

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03/04/2012 at 1:37 am

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