Rainy daydream

Back on the bus. Bored. Barely breathing. Air so cold and heavy – wet velvet on my lungs. Beyond the spattered windowpane I spy him – spy on him – standing at the cash machine, hunched over in oversized rain gear, getting money for tonight – for Friday night. Big night. Plans. Dreams. Rainy daydreams.Continue reading “Rainy daydream”

Choose your illusion

One of my favourite phrases, usually I use it in the context of work – if you prefer the illusion of security, then you seek a ‘permanent’ job. If you prefer the illusion of freedom, then contract or freelance work is for you. Reality is of course, that for the vast majority of us, workingContinue reading “Choose your illusion”

Crossing the bridge

Life runs in cycles, at least mine does. Times when everything goes according to plan – or better than plan. One good thing leads to another, even better thing. People are happy and productive. Ideas flow and the energy to implement them gushes like a fountain. It’s those times the song, “Walking on Sunshine” wasContinue reading “Crossing the bridge”

Spring has sprung a crossroads…

One of the things I’ve never quite adjusted to living down under is having the seasons arrive three weeks earlier than the solstice or equinox generally associated with them. It wouldn’t be so bad if we actually lost three weeks of miserable cold and rain, which is the Auckland winter. But it runs on atContinue reading “Spring has sprung a crossroads…”