Back again for more…

Some things I learned in the last week: I am used to/addicted to creating an image and words to match every day. Giving oneself more time to do the things one wants to do can backfire – and you end up doing less After 10 months of doing Photopo every day – to stop isContinue reading “Back again for more…”

Cafe Dawn

Queen St, Auckland. 7 am on a sunny September morning. The streets are quiet, clean and clear. A few cafe staff struggle, puffing away as they set up tables with sugar and serviettes. Maybe the odd early start punter dashes across the street against the light, hoping his favourite barrista is waiting. Mmmm I canContinue reading “Cafe Dawn”

Eden Park

Absolutely knackered! Had 5 need-’em-right-now jobs come in today, all short, but there were FIVE of them. Had to be out in the morning. Plus I had two meetings in the city booked, one for dinner at the end of the day. Got my drafts off, went into town, got home at 10. The signoffsContinue reading “Eden Park”

Waiting room blues

The waiting room is the most dangerous place in the world. You have no power. You cannot effect change. You have no voice and no choice. Except to leave – which we generally don’t do, because we are waiting for something or someone to come or go. Either way, we eventually run out of time.

Hot summer night

We were in town for the Lantern Festival, ringing in the Chinese New Year – the year of the rabbit. Got some brilliant shots of some of the displays – ate all sorts of unusual Asian food that I probably wouldn’t try in a restaurant (loved the cold wheat noodles with tamarind sauce from Xi-an!)Continue reading “Hot summer night”

Look out!

I guess I’m on a bit of a blokey roll these days… Monday I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the newly refurnished Eden Park Stadium, which rugby fans the world over, know will play host to the Rugby World Cup in September this year! Auckland is gearing up forContinue reading “Look out!”

Love from Titirangi Beach

Went for my constitutional, started out at at French Bay to the east and decided to walk around Shag Point (where I nearly got caught in the incoming tide!) to Titirangi Beach and then hiked up the hill to get back home. These are some of the things I saw along the way. Fortunately, IContinue reading “Love from Titirangi Beach”