More Bits of Summer

Sorry for missing out on yesterday. As I was preparing to post, there was an enormous bang – like an explosion somewhere out on the street. The lights flashed a second and then the power went out. Pretty scary – especially for down here in the soothing nowhere-ness of Titirangi. Then the power popped backContinue reading “More Bits of Summer”

So cool, we’re hot…

Spotted this gorgeous trio, just strolling along the wharf, the picture of youthful beauty, with just a dash of arrogance and studied aloofness – just perfect in the moment. I don’t want to know their back story, don’t want to know who’s sleeping with whom, who’s got this or that issue and is a afraid ofContinue reading “So cool, we’re hot…”

Yellow Man

Did a bit of street photography today – at the Auckland Buskers Festival. Now you would think that these buskers, from all over the world, performing an array of acrobatics, contortion and general street theatre would hold my attention. But no – most of what they did was yack, yack, yack and prance around doingContinue reading “Yellow Man”

Lake Wainamu

I almost feel like I am doing a travel blog on behalf on New Zealand these days. There are worse things to be doing – and I am always discovering new, amazing places. Like Lake Wainamu. A small, freshwater lake (all lakes are freshwater, aren’t they? Or are they? I don’t know) slightly inland fromContinue reading “Lake Wainamu”

Takahe Chick & Parents

Took a long ferry ride out to Tiritiri Matangi, one of the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. It is a pest-free wildlife sanctuary that has had great success with numerous native birds, most notably the takahe, which was though to be extinct from 1898-1948 when a few mating pairs were discovered in Fiordland on theContinue reading “Takahe Chick & Parents”