A glorious way to be dead

There are times when you should ask questions, times when you should try to understand, times when you need to get to the bottom of the way and wherefore. All those reasonable, rational times. This isn’t one of them. Not at all. What a wonderful, magnificent and glorious way to be dead.    


The taniwha (pronounced tah-nee-fah) are wondrous watery demons in Maori lore, sometimes in the form of spirits, others as reptiles or dragonlike. Sometimes fiercely dangerous, others protective of an iwi (tribe). This fellow rises out of the earth at the edge of the carpark at Goat Island. I assume that since it is a marineContinue reading “Taniwha”

Basking cormorant

I do hope I’m not becoming a bit of a bore with all this bird photography… I blame it on the 70-200mm lens. Yeah, I always liked photographing them, but they were always small in the frame and you couldn’t really see all the detail in their feathers. But now… I am fascinated… my cameraContinue reading “Basking cormorant”

The Year of the Snake

Don’t usually post photos of the Lantern Festival here in Auckland. I always go and always bring my gear, but when I get home, the photos just don’t wow me – so this year I set out to get some different photos, something you don’t see all the time… I think I managed it aContinue reading “The Year of the Snake”