Mournful Gibbon

It’s been a while since I posted a shot of my primate friends. This is Kera a Siamang gibbon who’s just moved into the Auckland Zoo with her partner, Iwani… She’s a tree living gibbon, native to Sumatra, Malaysia and Thailand – one of my favourite corners of the world. I’ll be heading off toContinue reading “Mournful Gibbon”

If only I were on safari

I admit this one is more than a bit inspired by David Lloyd’s Flick of the Tail shot, which was honoured in this years Wildlife Photographer of the Year. But it’s not so much the elephant’s tail as that this elephant’s tail is at our local zoo, and Lloyd’s giraffe tail shot was done onContinue reading “If only I were on safari”

Sweet Monkey Love

Spider monkeys… one fell in love with my mother once – at the Catskill Game Farm when I was about 12. He remembered her the next few times we went back and held her hand through the bars for hour. It was kind of sweet. And kind of sad. And kind of icky. I wonderContinue reading “Sweet Monkey Love”

Charisma or intimidation?

Their voices are calm. They do not threaten. In fact, they might be as gentle as a lamb – and yet, you would not consider disobeying them. Do they inspire fear or are they merely charming? My 5th Grade teacher, Mrs Ottman; Sister Rose Andrew, who was actually rather terrifying… and occasionally, I hear –Continue reading “Charisma or intimidation?”