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Hot summer night

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We were in town for the Lantern Festival, ringing in the Chinese New Year – the year of the rabbit. Got some brilliant shots of some of the displays – ate all sorts of unusual Asian food that I probably wouldn’t try in a restaurant (loved the cold wheat noodles with tamarind sauce from Xi-an!)

As we were leaving we stopped to take a couple of nightlife shots of the city… I love Auckland – it’s so bustling at night – totally alive – unusual for a city of only a million people… a lot of that bustling was, of course, done by the young – young, beautiful, scantily clad and full of piss and vinegar…

This is looking from East to West across town on Victoria St. The tower is the Sky Tower – a gambling and entertainment complex – and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere…

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21/02/2011 at 1:09 am

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