Mournful Gibbon

It’s been a while since I posted a shot of my primate friends. This is Kera a Siamang gibbon who’s just moved into the Auckland Zoo with her partner, Iwani… She’s a tree living gibbon, native to Sumatra, Malaysia and Thailand – one of my favourite corners of the world. I’ll be heading off toContinue reading “Mournful Gibbon”

The terror of the Australian White Ibis

When wildlife goes very very wrong… Pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, robins and other urbanised birds don’t strike me as out of place – but the urbanised ibis – it just seems wrong. They are native to northern Australia but were introduced to the southern part of the country in the 60s and 70s. This fellow isContinue reading “The terror of the Australian White Ibis”

Monkey no shines

Not sure where I got my love of monkeys. I used to hate them. Loathe them. Not all of them. Or even some of them. Just one. I hated just one monkey. But I hated him enough for all monkeydom. His name was Peanut. We got him when I was around 13, on a familyContinue reading “Monkey no shines”

Grunting Rhinos

I rather like this photo of these two, but something just didn’t sit right… So I had a bit of a think – what did it need? What was missing? And then it hit me – the rhinos are not doing anything anthromorphic, nothing funny, warm, endearing or for that matter, disgusting or horrifying. TheyContinue reading “Grunting Rhinos”


This is the female Wattle Moth, native to Australia and New Zealand. The markings on the male are brighter and more distinct, especially the two ‘eyes’ on the our edge of the wings, giving him the nick, Peacock Moth. I often find them clinging to the side of the house on warm December and JanuaryContinue reading “Resurrection”

Are you a Pelican or a Pelican’t?

I am often puzzled by the places that sweep me away and the places that leave me cold. Generally the mere idea of a posh resort like Cabo San Lucas repels me. In reality – I’m going back there next year! And these guys are a big part of the reason why! Wow!