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Random steam train encounter

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There was a time when I was amazed at how, when I had just discovered something amazing – it seemed like the universe just kept delivering it to me in an abundance of synchronicity… A little older, a little wiser I’ve come to suspect that all these amazing, wonderful things are happening around us all the time, and we’re just not paying attention. Of course I still believe in miracles and pure magic – but most of the random synchronicitous events could have been planned out if we’d made the effort.

I admit that, despite my developing passion for steam trains, I had no idea the 1275 was making an excursion from Auckland to Te Kuiti over the weekend. Fortunately, the universe delivered me to the train station at just the right time – though the train was 20 minutes, allowing me to plan and set up my shot…

Ham-Train-1Love the inerent Steampunk quality in these dials and knobs.

Ham-Train-2And the infinite variety of valves and pipes and bolts enveloped by steam.

Ham-Train-3But it’s just a short stop and soon it’s all aboard again.

Ham-Train-5 And we’re off for another adventure…  Ham-Train-6 copy

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03/04/2014 at 11:22 pm

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