Wanaka’s Famous Tree

Wanaka2-18Holidaying down in Wanaka this week. The best week of the year… It’s been most gloomy and rainy… and the weather service is promising snow tomorrow! Could I be more happy?

This tree is 5-6 metres out in the lake. I photograph it every year – this might be the ultimate shot. What do you think?


Out Standing… in their field

Out Standing

Yeah, yeah… but is what they do and what they were doing. I am especially fond of the bull in the hole. I’m sure there’s a twisted cliche in there – but one is probably enough for tonight…

Some nice pipes there

Had the opportunity to photograph the Auckland Town Hall organ this past weekent. This was my favourite bit.TownHall-27pipes


Full frontal view!TownHall-Organ76

A little retro


It’s been a while since I had a play with Photoshop. Don’t know what got into me today, but I just felt like it…

Orderly Autumn

Orderly Autumn

You have to get out of town to see the autumn colours… We generally don’t do them well on the north island… but sometimes… sometimes we do all right

Red Cracking Bolete

Red Cracking Bolete

No – I’m not done with the mushrooms yet… I’ve shared some of the most beautiful ones, but there are others… not quite so beautiful, like this Bolete – with a porous, spongy underside that is a bit oozy, instead of the lovely delicate gills.

This is just a bit ick. It gets worse, I promise you…

Gone Mushrooming

I know it’s rude to say – sorry, I’ve not been around, but I’ve been busy. So – I’ll reach back to my Estonian roots and say that I’ve been mushrooming. Literally… Went to the Coromandel for a short holiday and photographed mushrooms to my hearts delight. Came home and discovered there are untold mushrooms in my own garden that I’d never noticed before… I can just nose them out. Like a pig after truffles I suppose.

I was going to post one here – but somehow I inserted my favourite eight without intending to. So here they are. What do you think?

Amanita Muscaria
Amanita 1
Common mushroomMushrooms
Ramaria, also known as reindeer antlersfungi 1
Common Brown Mushroom found at the side of the roadmushroom 3
Amanita MuscariaAmanita 3

Amanita Australis

Amanita Australis

Amanita MuscariaAmanita 2

Mushroom in my garden Garden mushroom


Safer on the Dark Side


Sometimes you want to walk in the light, but it’s just too dangerous and you have to find your way in the dark…

Searching for Dystopia


Why else would we build this?

Birthday picture

Self portrait birthday

This is what happens when your husband is also a photographer. And you go out for your birthday dinner. And you’re all dressed up, looking good, feeling good. And you ask him to take you photo cos it would be nice to have one on your birthday, to mark the occasion.

But he’s so busy taking photos of everything and everyone else, that he totally forgets. So you end up with a reflection of yourself in a sheet metal column.

It’s not quite the same thing…

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