Tiger Buddha

Found at the entrance to the Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand. Lifesize with penetrating eyes…

Big Buddha is watching…


More monkey business


Yeah – might have to rename this the all-monkey blog. I sure do have a lot of monkey shots. This is a wild macaque that roams around a roadside attraction called The Catfish Farm outside Ao Nang in Thailand. He’s grown fond of the owners of the place and doesn’t seem to mind their guest too much – though those teeth are telling me to keep my distance.

In the second shot, he thought maybe a better plan was for him to keep his.4CatfishFarm-19 4CatfishFarm-26

Tulip macromania


There oughta be a law preventing people from taking new pictures before they’ve finished developing the old ones. But… there isn’t. And I went to the tulip festival today and took a gazillion amazing photos of tulips, including these two macro shots… Tulips-109 Tulips-105

Monkey Monkey in the Tree

Yeah, the world’s been utterly crazily madly frantic ever since I returned from the blissful relaxation of Thailand. Business is very very good. New projects all ticking along. Still have around 1000 photos to process from the trip and two shoots booked this weekend. I’ve tried giving up sleep, but honestly, it’s not good for me. So, apologies that this blog has suffered so… I’ll try to do better.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of photos of an ageing gentleman lurking in a tree above me after I had a wonderful relaxing massage on the beach. Sure I complain – but really, I got nothing to complain about.3Monkeys-40 3Monkeys-12

Muay Thai I

Home again… happy to be here, but full of great memories of Thailand. I have about 1500 photos to develop, maybe more. Somehow I will get through…
Here is one from one of the highlights of the trip – going behind the scenes at a Muay Thai Boxing match in Ao Nang. Very very cool, something I was hoping I could do when we were there. Came upon a magazine article when we arrived, contacted the author and… away we went!

I was the only woman back there – but despite not allowing women within a metre of the ring, they had no problem with me photographing away. There’s a couple hundred from the night, developing away at the moment… thought I’d start with this little guy, hanging around while his big brother prepares for his match.


Matilde the She Boar


Came upon this beautiful she-boar the other day. Very friendly, and would have been friendlier had I offered her a snack – though I have a policy of not feeding other people’s animals without their consent. Though disappointed, she was happy to pose for photos and didn’t seem to mind that I struggled with getting such a magnificently enormous creature into the frame. I think we both agreed a head shot would be the right thing.

Love the long snout… bear-like, a bit dangerous. Lotta grunting. But really, a rather nice girl. If she had a name, I think it would be Matilde…Hog-4

Going to Church

Unexpectedly came up this tiny little church near Awhitu Central, on our way to the Manukau Head Lighthouse this past weekend. Thought we’d stop and take a few photos.

I think God would like it here.


These seat cushions are all hand-made, one of a kind. The little blankets you see over the pews are for when the church is very cold on Sunday mornings. Very tiny, only 7 rows of pews. Nothing flash.




‘Tis Matariki!


Matariki – aka the Maori New Year – a more or less month long sort of celebration around the mid year/winter solstice. I lived here for a long time, ten years or more without every hearing about it, but it’s been gaining in popularity. Not sure if it’s a greater acceptance of Maori culture by the mainstream, or maybe New Zealanders are just happy to have a distraction from our endless dreary winter. Either way, I rather like Matariki – it’s lack of defined traditions have left it open to a variety of celebretory activities. Last year there was day of kite flying with a stupendous array of airborn silken creatures.

This year, I went to a Kapa Haka competition. I think many people are at least vaguely familiar with the haka – a rather terrifying, eye-bulging, tongue wagging, chant/dance routine performed as a ‘welcome’ for visitors. My husband is still horrified by it – me more fascinated. But the kapa haka competition took it in a whole new direction, playful, tender, just plain goofy. Made for a great day. And the side attractions were an added bonus.Portrait2


Maori Woman in colonial era dressKapaHaka-mann

Mannquin with attitudeKapaHaka-65

Not so terrifying hakaKapaHaka-lineup

Queued upKapaHaka-carver1

Traditional Maori carver at workKapaHaka-skirts

A new take on the old grass skirtKapaHaka-puppet

I’m sure whatever he’s saying is hilarious…KapaHaka-40Fun with poi!


Orchids, orchids, orchids…


The sexiest of all the flowers, leaving roses pale and gasping in their wake. Pulsing, daring, expecting, lurid, lascivious and luscious.

How could they ever have aligned themselves with witless school boys and prom night?Orchid-18






Train bits go all steampunk

I just love how these bits and pieces of the trains turned out. Something about them just cried out for maximum saturation and super sharpness. The response has not all been favourable – some folks really dislike this treatment. I really like it. Do you?Trains-workshopV2

This will be the boiler and firebox of a locomotive when it is fully restored, in the meantime, it’s really pretty

Trains-152Half of a coupling mechanism




A switch, with nothing to switch?

Trains-150This looks almost robotic. I admit it was mostly rust coloured and I hand coloured it. Just for fun. Hard to explain just how inspiring these photos are to me. I’ve booked another excursion out to Huntly for September. Hoping to have some models to shoot along with the trains next time.

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