Footprint in the sand

I love how footprints in the sand have an optical illusion quality – obviously they are imprints in the sand from someone walking – but I always do a double take because I am sure they are sculpted atop the sand. And of course footprints have so many magical, inspirational aspects – where we areContinue reading “Footprint in the sand”

Surfers are crazy

This is not surfing on a glorious summer day. This is surfing in the dead of winter in Manu Bay, just outside of Raglan, New Zealand. The water temperature is about 13C (55F), which is too bloody cold to swim in. And why all surfers were wearing wetsuits. But most of them had their feetContinue reading “Surfers are crazy”

Dream job

This was taken at a Buddhist Temple in Penang. Utterly delightful – the daydreaming Buddha and the young disciple spending his days bathing him. Very mind-clearing, calming. Something so pleasingly simple about it. Simple seems so very pleasing at the moment. Not that my life is all that complicated, but it occurs to me thatContinue reading “Dream job”

Let’s go!

Not sure which part of my imagination this one came from – but I was out for dinner with my daughters and on the ride home it came to me – pretty much just like this, although I thought of a night sky, but once I started working on it, this was obviously the rightContinue reading “Let’s go!”

Beam me up, Scotty!

And with that – I am outta here! No, no, not for good… but it’s been 300 days of posting an image and words every day. No matter how tired or busy I’ve been, I have stayed up until the photopo was finished and properly published, even when travelling. It started as a way ofContinue reading “Beam me up, Scotty!”

Are you brave enough for Smith Street?

I love Singapore. I’ve actually lost track of how many times I’ve been there, because whenever I go travelling in Asia or Europe, I make sure I have a couple of days stopover on the way or returning home.  There’s a camera shop in Chinatown run by an Indian named Roy – we always stopContinue reading “Are you brave enough for Smith Street?”

Notre Dame de Paris

There were so many articles of wonder and amazement. But this was the thing that caught me by surprise. I hadn’t expected it.  Less than half a metre wide, at the base of a statue of some forgotten saint… Made me wonder about the designer and the artisan and the people in the town immortalisedContinue reading “Notre Dame de Paris”

The Concrete Jungle

Echoes of those who came before… I spotted this frieze on an archway over the entrance to a building built in the 30s or 40s walking around lower Manhattan. There was a tonne of construction going on and the pedestrian walkway was eye level with the frieze – obscuring it with heavy fencing and otherContinue reading “The Concrete Jungle”

Panda Ponder

I really do wish this photo was better. My trip to China coincided with the purchase of my first digital SLR and I had everything set to Auto and pretty much hoped the photos would turn out well. We arrived in Chongqing, one of the largest cities in all of China after a blissful 3Continue reading “Panda Ponder”