Eternally disgruntled

I spotted this Celtic Cross from across the cemetery so beautiful¬† catching the last rays of sun before it slipped behind the hills and let the night creep in And yet – in every image it seems a scowling, sneering scold pity it’s sullen companion who has neither means of respite nor escape.

Peacock travesty

Had a bit of a play with this gypsy caravan. I like it better this way. I don’t think the gypsies living in it were real gypsies, not that I’ve ever known any real gypsies, so I can’t say for sure. But they seemed more like some folks I knew back in the 70s, whoContinue reading “Peacock travesty”


I sometimes think I go on about my idyllic life in the bush a little too much… and this picture is so very idyllic… However… these are my kitchen windows… living in the woods, the stormy windy, tree pollen, bush goo and spider web woods (not to mention the wetas that look like naked tarantulasContinue reading “Reflections”