Birds have flown

It would seem this would be a cause for joy, after all – the birds are free. Or, if those birds are long dead, there are no replacements held in captivity. And yet, this intricate cage, at the side of the road, forgotten… makes me wonder if the captor has flown as well. She willContinue reading “Birds have flown”

A perfect day to sail

Yes, I have cruising on the brain again… the cheap details are coming out for early next year. Spotted one tonight on Holland America from Hong to Beijing, then Shanghai then Incheon and Jeju (the last two being in South Korea.) 14 nights… less than $100 per night per person… of course there will beContinue reading “A perfect day to sail”

The Gazebo

The gazebo in the moonlight… how romantic… or… actually, I always thought they were a bit spooky at night, a bit chilling. The monsters could definitely get you with no trouble. Zombies, mummies, werewolves, and of course both Dracula and Frankenstein. The first time I ever heard the word pronounced was in an old movieContinue reading “The Gazebo”

Spotted Robin

I had an hour to kill before a holiday dinner tonight, so I brought my camera along and wandered through a nearby park. This female spotted robin really made my day – hopped up so close to me. They make a couple of hops and then pause and listen for worms – perfect pauses toContinue reading “Spotted Robin”

Big Buddha

Isn’t it ironic? Is it? Maybe no. Maybe not at all. Is Orwell even read any more or is he fading into the dimming past? He seems more relevant today than ever before in my lifetime. Though he became so politically incorrect, excoriated by both the left and the right, I enjoyed almost everything heContinue reading “Big Buddha”

Garden variety butterfly

Just a garden variety butterfly flitting around a garden variety garden. There’s nothing wrong with the garden variety, you know… We can’t all be fiery hothouse creations Mad with passion Demanding non-stop attention Showing off in front of the whole wide world. Some of us quietly do what we’ve got to do and carry onContinue reading “Garden variety butterfly”

Auckland Sunset

Apologies for putting two of these little globes up in a row, but I’ve had a bit of fun making them, experimenting with different types of subjects. Landscapes are the easiest to work with as long as you’ve got a bit of variety in the terrain. But anything that can be shot or cropped toContinue reading “Auckland Sunset”