Sunset in Goa

Goa was one of those magical places where I ooh’ed and ahh’ed and then ooh’ed and ahh’ed and well… it’s that kind of place. We had a great driver who loved his job and accepted that we were not interested in shopping, but seeing and doing. We had possibly the best seafood meal of ourContinue reading “Sunset in Goa”

Coffee Service

They’ll pry my coffee cup from my cold, dead hands… I’ve given up sugar I’ve given up salt I’ve given up red meat, booze and cigarettes They’re threatening my (organic!) soy milk, tofu and canola I workout every day – sometimes twice I eat my veggies (Please Lord, don’t let them take away my beanContinue reading “Coffee Service”

Why? Why not?

I have a print of this on my office wall. A friend commented, saying his first reaction was, “Why would anyone take this photo?” I was a mite stumped – after all, there are a million reasons, but none of the them particularly compelling. Then he said, “Thank God someone did.” And I smiled. AndContinue reading “Why? Why not?”

Frosty morning by the river

Wandering along the banks of the Hawea River, on the south island of New Zeland on a foggy winter morning. I always seem to hold my breath in the fog. Not sure why, but I have a  sensation that it is somehow ‘alive…’ and I don’t want to consume it – or… I don’t wantContinue reading “Frosty morning by the river”

Another cyclone???

Cyclone after cyclone after cyclone…. is it such a big ask that we keep Auckland winter weather restricted to Auckland winter??? Ugh! Cyclone is the southern hemisphere version of a hurricane… They are just as deadly to the tropical islands to the north of New Zealand, but generally speaking, but the time they reach thisContinue reading “Another cyclone???”

Dream Palace

Sure, I gazed in wonder at all the Rembrandt and Goya and Renoir… but Catherine the Great’s parlour was my personal favourite – custom made for my favourite 11½” doll. I imagined her running around, dressed to the nines… Talk about dreaming things into being, though… I’m pretty sure this is NOT what they meant!