Goa Harbour II

The best seafood I’ve ever eaten came in on one of these boats on the Goa coast. Like Pavlov’s dog, my mouth waters at the memory. That said, the softshell lobster caught fresh off the coast of Bar Harbour in the dead of a Maine winter runs a very close second. Sadly, I couldn’t convinceContinue reading “Goa Harbour II”

Look out!

I guess I’m on a bit of a blokey roll these days… Monday I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the newly refurnished Eden Park Stadium, which rugby fans the world over, know will play host to the Rugby World Cup in September this year! Auckland is gearing up forContinue reading “Look out!”

A Good Bloke

I’d just finished lunch with a bunch of women friends. Some of us headed off and the rest of us thought maybe we’d go for one more drink at this new “American” bar around the way… I got side-tracked by a couple of massive bull mastiffs and spent a few minutes cuddling up to themContinue reading “A Good Bloke”


They weren’t bothering anyone.  I spotted them working away, moseyed over and stuck my lens in. They didn’t seem to mind. The owner of the garden was, however, most deeply horrified. As we were leaving, I spotted her heading for the nest with a can of bug spray. I feel kind of guilty. Even ifContinue reading “Wasps!”

Home Cookin’

China is hard – possibly the most difficult country I have travelled. it was also one of the most rewarding, certainly the most surprising, land of mists, elusive and mysterious and at the same time open, charming and disarming. This young man appears to be preparing a banquet sized meal on the edges of theContinue reading “Home Cookin’”

Twilight in the Desert

The most beautiful time to be in any desert, anywhere… when the heat of the sun has passed, but before the chill of night takes hold. Shadows catch every nuance of the dunes, which look a bit like waves on the ocean. This is in a remote area of the United Arab Emirates – aContinue reading “Twilight in the Desert”

Who slept here?

I hate to even say where in the world this desolate hovel is located, lest someone think it’s typical of life there. This brand of misery can be found everywhere in the world – its stories too horrific to tell (unless you’re a news presenter and we’re eating our supper with the TV on.) OfContinue reading “Who slept here?”