Pawn Shop Blues

This used to be Brucie’s Famous Diner across the street from the Sky Tower and Casino – a classic greasy spoon where you could get fed at 4 in the morning. Brucie decided to sell – I don’t know why – maybe he wasn’t quite making a living – or maybe he got tired ofContinue reading “Pawn Shop Blues”

Leave Me!

  I’ve been watching a lot of film noir lately – Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, rain slicked streets and femme fatales. A very young (and tiny!) Marilyn Monroe in a very small part in The Asphalt Jungle from 1950… I have no idea what the connection is between that and this – I just knowContinue reading “Leave Me!”

Sneaking down the alley

I like to think I am not afraid of monsters anymore – but deep inside, I think I still am – but my little corner of the world is not monster friendly. Old medieval European towns, on the other hand, are full of dark, narrow alleys, leading to wonderful places…but they are lined with darkened,Continue reading “Sneaking down the alley”

Nothing Special

Of course just about everywhere has its special little places only the locals know about, not flash enough to lure the tourists or weekend getaways – which is exactly what makes these small treasures so very special. This beach is a ten minute walk from my house, down a rather steep and winding path throughContinue reading “Nothing Special”

Hot summer night

We were in town for the Lantern Festival, ringing in the Chinese New Year – the year of the rabbit. Got some brilliant shots of some of the displays – ate all sorts of unusual Asian food that I probably wouldn’t try in a restaurant (loved the cold wheat noodles with tamarind sauce from Xi-an!)Continue reading “Hot summer night”