Utopia is closed for repairs

I doubt it will ever reopen. It’s just a matter of time until Utopia is condemned and then torn down. Someone will come along and put up a Walmart…

Utopia - what once was...
Utopia – what once was…
Utopia - the interior view
Utopia – the interior view
Utopia, rear view
Utopia, rear view

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5 thoughts on “Utopia is closed for repairs

    1. Me too! Ferocious amounts of work and too much travel. Never thought I would say that – but I’m back in New York at the moment visiting my daughter and other family members… Sort of feeling like a I have a tenuous grip on “me” as in, I’m fine and all that, definitely coping, etc… but it’s all outgoing, not incoming… doing lots of photography, but little time to process figuratively and literally… sigh… My bloody blog still says 2014… Perhaps I’ll take a couple of minutes tonight to get it into 2015 at least!
      More soon! I promise!!!


  1. What a gorgeous title, and even more spectacular photographs. Breathtaking, your visuals are so sharp, my eyes to a deep inhalation before being reminded by my lungs that eyes are responsible for SEEING!

    Then your words.

    AK. You’ve ALWAYS been fabulous. Sending you the most furious laugh I can. The dream is valid. Gorgeous.



    1. Thank you Kenny!!! Now how did you know that is exactly what I need at this moment! Busy in NYC at the moment with my daughter and siblings and husband… busy doesn’t really begin to cut it. Should have some good photos along soon though!

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  2. This was an awesome post. I found it quite helpful
    and have posted it to my Facebook. I am sure others will find your work useful.

    Continue the amazing work


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