Santa Monica Pier on a Cold and Lonely Night

The view from our budget hotel on Redondo Beach Drive was a bit surreal. The beach was many miles away and there was no shopping or nearby attractions, making me wonder what might have possessed anyone to build a hotel in such a place…LA1-3But having settled in, we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier for dinner in the evening. And that’s when things got really strange…

LA1-25 copy



It seemed a bit ghost-y, all candy coloured, but somehow toxic… and if this was an amusement park – where are all the people???
There were a few stragglers and lost souls wandering around, including a little girl looking for some answers wherever she could find them…
But she couldn’t tell me what it was all about either since I have forgotten how to speak Threeish.

LA1-37Even the beach has gone mad,

LA1-39Yeah… I know… first Big and then Forrest Gump… it is LA we’re talking about here… I felt a wee bit of relief when we left… I mean, it was cool, but kinda creepy… like everyone was out of town……….


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3 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier on a Cold and Lonely Night

  1. Places like that always give me the willies, but I do love the Zoltar/Big reference.

    I know what you mean about businesses who put beach or bay or shore in their names but their location is nowhere near anything wet. Poor, poor travelers who don’t know the area.

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    1. One of my more confounding incidents of that nature was shortly after I moved to NZ. I needed some new curtains for our dingy rented house. I went to The Drapery Warehouse. You would think… but I scoured the place and not a curtain, drapery, curtain rod, hook or pull was in it. Towels sheets, tablecloths yes – all kinds of imaginable fabric goods, but no… so I asked… and was told they didn’t sell enough draperies and stopped carrying them. But they didn’t change the name of the shop because they didn’t want to confuse people…


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