Even the flowers are depressed

Wintergarden-fb-18I’ve had enough of winter already, thank you thank you…

It’s never really been my cuppa, even when I was a kid in the northern hemisphere in the wilds of upstate New York where the snows fell 4 feet deep and snowdays meant you got to play outside in it all day long in the middle of the week. Yeah, for me it meant the other kids would leave me alone while I curled up in bed with a book.

But that was then and this is now and there is no snow, no endless expanse of white to gaze at in the morning. Instead it’s this endless y-light, the colour of the light that manages to squeeze itself through heavy blanketing rainclouds, fat a soggy with endless drops of rain. Endlessly dreary and sad and cold and damp and, well… duh… I’m not enjoying it.

Hauled myself over to the Wintergarden in the Auckland Domain today and discovered the flowers are feeling pretty much the same as I am about the whole thing. Kinda wretched, kinda beautiful… we’ll all be happy when October gets here… but that’s sooooooooooooooo far away!


Wintergarden-fb-23Wintergarden-fb-19  Wintergarden-fb-14 Wintergarden-fb-15 Wintergarden-fb-16 Wintergarden-fb-24

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6 thoughts on “Even the flowers are depressed

  1. God I want cooler temperature so much I can’t even stand it. We had some nice days in the 60’s, and now it’s back in the 80s. Greener grass, eh?


    1. Always… but these days it’s pretty much perfect around here… low 70s – perfect for doing all sorts…
      Sorry I’m not around much lately. Doing so much photography – can hardly believe it! Have an event every week, plus ‘normal’ stuff… Managing a huge photography group and organising events. Just did a huge steampunk event over the weekend… Plus the regular work stuff… and I’m managing a website now that is so busy, I keep it logged in on my regular browser, which means my blog has to be managed on a different one… just that wee bit of a pain that pushes it into the ‘later’ box… sigh… So I’ve been reading yours, but not commenting cos I’m logged in as that other site… Crazy life. But I am not complaining. If I could leap back in time and tell the 20-something me what I’d be doing now… yeah… I would have been totally chuffed!


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