Garnet Quiggley

Garnet Quiggley of Krakens Lair

Still working on the photos from the Easter Steampunk shoot. Very pleased with how they’ve turned out, especially the studio shots as I’m always a little nervous working with studio lights. But not a bad result…

SPAPR-GQ-16 fbSPAPR-GQ-17Col fb



















With her partner in crime, Mac Hanical.

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6 thoughts on “Garnet Quiggley

    1. Yeah, the two top photos are totally photoshopped. The sofa thing she is laying on came from a found photo and the rugs and wallpapers from two others. That was just a bit of fun. And the other with the sun was also added in photoshop. It was part of the long weekend shoot with them up in Whangarei. We rented studio space and just went to town with all kinds of things. I’ve still got a tonne of photos to play with (when I get time…) But that one is going for an old style circus poster, where a b&w photo would get a bit of colour treatment and a background added.
      I do think I’ve had some real personal breakthroughs with processing and design in the last year – photoshopping is really working for me – now that I know longer use it to process photos and use it for what it was intended… funny how that works out sometimes… glad I learned it the way I did – but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else…


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