Steampunks in their native habitat…

Been itching to shoot some steampunks… So we are up in the far north, Whangarei – shooting Kraken’s Lair… a thriving nest in an unexpected place…


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3 thoughts on “Steampunks in their native habitat…

    1. Hi! Sorry to be so long in replying. I think I have got myself in over my head with a new project! I’m sure I have… a month long stint of 16 hour days – culminating in a marathon music trivia night that I produced Sunday night… finally taking a couple of days off and trying to get caught up on my favourite things!

      As for this photo… I always wrestle with sepia for steampunk because it is the obvious thing to do – era-appropriate and all. Some folks refer to them as brown goths, which is entirely ridiculous and insulting to both Goths and Steampunks! I know folks of both ilks (can you have more than one ilk?) and they are both lovely and really quite different from each other…

      But the reality is that Victorians’ were actually quite colourful – cheap dyes were available and the restrictions on colours that commoners were permitted to wear were lifted and it was a wonderfully gaudy, riot of colour and texture… I hate to lose that with a lot of sepia. But the reason I used it here is the formality of the portrait. Not quite as restrained as a genuine Victorian era shot – but just evocative enough… and it just seems so ridiculous that they are out on the edge of the bush in that garb, but… that IS what Victorians in NZ did… and they got the Maori to dress like them as well… sigh… goofy old world…


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