Carrot Cake Version 2

Carrot Cake Version 2

A couple of years ago I made a different looking version of this cake. (If you click on the cake, you’ll find AND the recipe!)

This time around, it’s a sheetcake with decoration to the nth degree. not as difficult as you might think – marzipan carrots (the tricky part is getting the right shade of orange) cushed walnuts for dirt – and lots of parsley. (No one minded the parsley…)

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9 thoughts on “Carrot Cake Version 2

  1. I remember that other cake. I must admit, though, I never got around to baking it . . .

    Sorry to have been absent for so long. I have thought of you often as I tried to make my way back.


    1. Same here! I’ve been up to many things in so many places, physical and virtual. Super busy – good busy, but a little dizzying at the moment. It will soon quiet down for the holiday, six weeks of downtime, time to catch up on a lot of projects, learn a thing or two (self-hosted wordpress, here I come!)…

      While the first half of this year completely sucked in every way imaginable, the second half has been brilliant – partly through sheer determination that the suckiness would not take over my life. I have almost boundless creativity and enthusiasm and willingness to go and do, although my energy reserves sometimes flag. (I was flat out all day for the shoot on Sunday and on Friday I am still feeling the aftereffects… worth it, though).

      I am so glad I met up with the steampunks. No, I’m not likely to turn up in a corset and tophat myself, but their brand of goofiness is exceptionally clever and charming. If there is ever a steampunk event in your vicinity, I suggest you wander by and have a nosy… You might be as surprised and delighted as I am.

      And… Do try the carrot cake! It really is divine… The only bit of actual sugar I have consumed all year. And worth it!


      1. I love the whole Steampunk vibe, the looks, the gears, all of it. If I weren’t too old, I’d probably rock some of it.


      2. Oh my – I think I am a few years older than you… and some of those steampunk folks are a few years older than me… another of its charms… at the outing on Sunday the steampunk age-range was 4-70. I’ve also shot them at a steampunk fashion show and a high tea and it was the same. Age is no barrier!


      3. OH no! I know you don’t do Facebook, but you can still see these albums – they are from two previous Steampunk events I shot:
        There’s a shot in there of a Steampunk grandfather and his (to-die-for) 20-something son…
        Steampunk seems to make even the most ordinary looking person simply gorgeous!


      4. So it was a wedding? I love the woman in the purple and gold stripes with the rifle. So cool. You’re so right about all ages and shapes looking good. And oh my, the grandson . . .


      5. It was a fashion shaw/fund raiser for a locally produced film, Stella 459. The woman with the rifle is Garnet Quiggley, one of the cleverest, most outrageous of the Whangarei crew!
        As for the grandson… yeah… And how cool is it that its something grandparents can actually DO with their adult grandchildren???


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