Tiger Buddha

Found at the entrance to the Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand. Lifesize with penetrating eyes…

Big Buddha is watching…


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7 thoughts on “Tiger Buddha

    1. One of these days I will properly process more of the photos from Thailand. This Tiger temple was fascinating – half of it is carved/built into a mountain cave. It is also a temple that included Chinese and Thai Buddhism as well as Hinduism – possibly the only one of its kind.

      The monks adopt feral animals so it was full of happy cats and dogs playing and sleeping and contributing to the exceptionally cheery atmosphere. It really didn’t have that sombre temple feel… I quite loved being in Thailand… I could see returning again and again…


      1. When I was about ten, my dad brought me back a beautiful ring from Thailand, shaped like the conical headpieces on some of the statues, It had different stones all the way around and up. I don’t know what became of it, unfortunately. But that ring put a desire in me very early to see Thailand.


      2. I hope you have been there! The Thai are quite unique – we have travelled the Malay Peninsula quite extensively (I can’t believe I have been to Malaysia four times – it was never on my bucket list, but I keep going back…) But a holiday in Thailand is just – really – it’s the ‘niceness’ of it you have to experience. Not a phoney niceness, but their nature as a culture. (I know there are grumpy Thais, I just didn’t have any grumpy encounters over the two weeks. Unlike Paris, where it seemed I went from one grumpy encounter to the next..)
        The only real disappointment was how much of the food was loaded with palm sugar, Thai curries are very sweet. That said, I was a long way from starving while I was there.


      3. Oh yes – did not mean to sound like I was disparaging the cuisine… but it’s not an easy one for those restricting sugar if you are living on it 24/7.
        When travelling now, I try whenever possible to get accommodation with cooking facilities available.

        We rarely eat out at home, so after a week or so of getting all meals in restaurants, I get a bit hungry for plain fresh food… I am looking forward to Vietnam one of these days… I think I could manage restaurant fare for a few weeks there…


      4. Oh, I knew what you meant. The curries are very sweet, but that’s why I love them. Of course, I’ve never eaten them for a solid week . . .


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