Tulip macromania


There oughta be a law preventing people from taking new pictures before they’ve finished developing the old ones. But… there isn’t. And I went to the tulip festival today and took a gazillion amazing photos of tulips, including these two macro shots… Tulips-109 Tulips-105

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2 thoughts on “Tulip macromania

    1. OK – this lens is very havable… it’s the Tokina 90mm fixed focal length, macro lens. It is quite brilliant, I agree. But very affordable – $500-700 here, so it will be half that there…

      OK – full disclosure, I am not totally jazzed with its auto-focus abilities… I am hankering for the Canon L series… cost about 4 times as much… saving my pennies. (Fortunately business has been very good lately… but then, there is nothing from mid December to Feb 1, so maybe I ought to wait a wee bit longer…)


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