Going to Church

Unexpectedly came up this tiny little church near Awhitu Central, on our way to the Manukau Head Lighthouse this past weekend. Thought we’d stop and take a few photos.

I think God would like it here.


These seat cushions are all hand-made, one of a kind. The little blankets you see over the pews are for when the church is very cold on Sunday mornings. Very tiny, only 7 rows of pews. Nothing flash.




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2 thoughts on “Going to Church

    1. That is one of my favourites as well… I love the mix of reflections and see-throughs, insides and outsides… not to mention the spying… it’s a truly lovely little church, still in use. No heat, the attendees have cusshions and lap blankets that remain there during the winter, mostly crocheted from brightly coloured inexpensive yarn in those same old stitches that have been crocheted for hundreds of years…


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