Train bits go all steampunk

I just love how these bits and pieces of the trains turned out. Something about them just cried out for maximum saturation and super sharpness. The response has not all been favourable – some folks really dislike this treatment. I really like it. Do you?Trains-workshopV2

This will be the boiler and firebox of a locomotive when it is fully restored, in the meantime, it’s really pretty

Trains-152Half of a coupling mechanism




A switch, with nothing to switch?

Trains-150This looks almost robotic. I admit it was mostly rust coloured and I hand coloured it. Just for fun. Hard to explain just how inspiring these photos are to me. I’ve booked another excursion out to Huntly for September. Hoping to have some models to shoot along with the trains next time.

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9 thoughts on “Train bits go all steampunk

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply…. lots of work – and on Sunday I did a shoot with 16 steampunks having a bit of fun and modelling at the Train Club… sheesh! I would never have guessed I’d fall in love with this stuff, but I have in a big way. And with all the people involved – clever, quirky, geeky and just the right level of madness to step out of the boring world into the more exciting one that happens to be occupying the same place. And having so much fun!

      I’m concocting a larger project – who knows where it will go… but will be posting the results of this event for the next wee bit. I have to say I feel as though my photography has made a giant leap… what do you think?


      1. I definitely feel as if your images have continued to get better and better. The framing and point of focus–really good. By the way, the images from your shoot are tres cool.


      2. I think I’ve broken through some barrier… One thing I have been doing for the last sixth months is photographing like crazy, usually 2-3 shoots a week and getting into new territory… And also culling seriously – no more sentimental attachment to the cute gull who wing is off the edge of the photo, or the slight blurry shot of the baby gannet eating. Nope- if it ain’t really good, it ain’t staying! Oy! My little list of photography clients is growing… who knows???


      3. Self-editing (photography or writing) is very, very hard, but once you are willing to do it, I definitely think that you cross some kind of barrier.


      4. I would have thought that it would be easier with photography having conquered that in writing, but no… it’s taken a long time to be willing to cull cull cull… reality is if you save every moment, no one (including me) will ever want to go through them all… but if you save the best you will always have them…


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