Gone Mushrooming

I know it’s rude to say – sorry, I’ve not been around, but I’ve been busy. So – I’ll reach back to my Estonian roots and say that I’ve been mushrooming. Literally… Went to the Coromandel for a short holiday and photographed mushrooms to my hearts delight. Came home and discovered there are untold mushrooms in my own garden that I’d never noticed before… I can just nose them out. Like a pig after truffles I suppose.

I was going to post one here – but somehow I inserted my favourite eight without intending to. So here they are. What do you think?

Amanita Muscaria
Amanita 1
Common mushroomMushrooms
Ramaria, also known as reindeer antlersfungi 1
Common Brown Mushroom found at the side of the roadmushroom 3
Amanita MuscariaAmanita 3

Amanita Australis

Amanita Australis

Amanita MuscariaAmanita 2

Mushroom in my garden Garden mushroom


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6 thoughts on “Gone Mushrooming

  1. I have always been intrigued by mushroom, find their texture so yummy (both to eat and to look at). Another thing on my list of things to learn is how to identify edible mushrooms. Do you know how? I never did psychedelic shrooms in my wilder years, but always wondered . . .

    Love all of them, particularly first and fifth.


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