Searching for Dystopia


Why else would we build this?

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4 thoughts on “Searching for Dystopia

    1. It’s an interior shot of Britomart, the train station in downtown Auckland. It’s a 100+ year old building (considered ancient in these parts) that has been refurnbished in one of those odd architectural bastardisations where the old is mixed with the uber-modern/futuristic – with some interesting effect. I don’t hate it, but often I wonder why our futuristic imaginings are so cold, so devoid of human-ness… do we feel that is somehow inevitable – are we rushing toward annihilating our humanity??? Hmmm…


      1. On the futuristic imaginings: My theory is that it’s much harder to envision the future with people in it, hence, the sterility. What I mean is that I think that a subconscious dread exists in so many of us, a dread that if we continue on this particular path, we will not be welcome in our own futures. Does that make any sense at all?


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