Autumn Lingers


Those in the northern hemisphere seem to forget that those of us in the southern hemisphere are deep in the midst of Autumn. And a most beautiful Autumn this year… I can’t remember the colours ever being this vivid…

Sorry for being absent – still convalescing a bit – and, I suppose, taking advantage of the situation – as one does…

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Lingers

    1. Thank you… I’ve made a big reminder to myself not to let this happen again! Though it was sudden and not really preventable in the usual sense… but it’s clean living from here on out… sigh…


  1. Love the autumn colors. Sorry I’ve been absent, same old story on my end. Sorry to hear things are not going well on your end. Heartbreak and illness? Should I ship some Nestle’s Crunch bars?


    1. Oh man – if only I wasn’t on a sugar-less diet now… I could have really used them! At least I still have my coffee… and this has been the most beautiful autumn I can recall.
      IN the old ebb and flow, I suppose it’s a bit ebb lately… but I’ve been around long enough to know it will flow again. Today is my birthday – I hope it’s a turning point. 2013 has really been the worst year in a long time…


      1. Tell me about the sugarless . . . I’m on a mostly sugarless, but I will admit that I do hem and haw just a bit when it comes to certain things. I am doing rather well in avoiding most chocolate, which for me is amazing.

        Yes, coffee is always good. I’m sorry that it’s been a bad 2013. That’s unfortunate. If it’s any comfort, the year really seems to be on fast forward somehow. It’s May? How did that happen.

        Wishing you better days.


      2. Sugarless came about in December when my bloods came back with the not-so-encrypted message that I was pre-pre-diabetic, with diabetic being the key word there, not either of the pre’s. So I cut out all the sugar, white flour, white rice, etc from the diet. But I was still enjoying Guylian sugar free chocolate, sweetened with sortbitol.

        Fortunately, I’ve always hated sweet drinks of any kind – soda, fruit juice, hot drinks, cocktails – never liked the lingering stickiness in my mouth after a sip. Always wanted water to clean my mouth out. (Of course I’d love a triple thick chocolate milk shake – but haven’t had one of those since… oh… 1977?)

        Anyone can get cellulitis, regardless of age or weight or existing health, but weight and diabetes can predispose one. And considering my vow not to go back there anytime soon… I am now on a 1200 calorie diet. It’s been three weeks and I’m doing good. Very motivated. And down 11 kgs since December – so… not so bad… I can live with it.

        Anyone tries to take away my coffee – all bets are off. I will kill them. And that’s NOT an idle threat. You can take anything else – but touch my coffee and you die!!!


      3. I need to get back on a 1200 calorie regimen. Somehow in the last month or so, I seemed to have put pounds back on, in all of the wrong places, of course.

        Stay healthy.


      4. I was doing great and then I started a very strict, very restricted lo-carb diet. A half cup each of brown rice and oatmeal away from Atkins… let’s just say I might be too old to handle something like that any more… Back to the balanced 1200 calorie regime… Oy!


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