A Terribly Indignity

Rides-67Went to a carnival last night… they all seem a bit sad and seedy now. Of course, they were also a bit sad and seedy back then, but I was too enthralled to notice or care. Something oddly fascinating about these open mouthed clowns. I took a lot of photos of them – sad, shouting, screaming, singing… This one struck as most poignant, though I am still no sure why…

Rides-200Now, I’ve previously discoursed on my fascination/obsession with Carnies in Carnie and Carnie II and last night they proved themselves. Or at least the bunch running the Kiddie Carnival on the Auckland Waterfront.

My hubby put down his backback to shoot the bumper cars and completely forgot about it… walked away. In fact, we headed across town a ways to photograph the grown-up rides. He did not realise it was missing until an hour later. Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… a few grand in lenses and other photography gear gone gone gone…

We raced back and they were closing up, but let us in to see if anyone knew about the backpack… and sure enough – one had it, said he’d been looking for the owner for the past hour.

Here he is, with his assistant. Unfortunately, I did not get either of their names, but we are very very grateful them. Hooray for carnies!!!

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2 thoughts on “A Terribly Indignity

  1. Your love for carnies proved spot on this time.

    Have to say the open-mouthed clown scares the beejeezus out of me, and I hope he does not show up in my dreams tonight.


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