A glorious way to be dead

Yellow graveThere are times when you should ask questions, times when you should try to understand, times when you need to get to the bottom of the way and wherefore. All those reasonable, rational times.

This isn’t one of them. Not at all. What a wonderful, magnificent and glorious way to be dead.



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3 thoughts on “A glorious way to be dead

    1. The polynesians have such wonderful colourful, and OTT ways of honouring their dead. While this was the only grave with a yellow fence – there is simply an amazing array of colour and decorations… back to the cemetery again tonight with my photogrpahy club – I might be posting nothing by cemetery photos for a while!


  1. For some reason reminds me of your carnivals. I don’t know if I’d love hanging about cemeteries if they were so gayly adorned. I’m going to have to ponder that.


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