The taniwha (pronounced tah-nee-fah) are wondrous watery demons in Maori lore, sometimes in the form of spirits, others as reptiles or dragonlike. Sometimes fiercely dangerous, others protective of an iwi (tribe). This fellow rises out of the earth at the edge of the carpark at Goat Island. I assume that since it is a marine reserve, his job is to protect the area. I’m on his side…

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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2 thoughts on “Taniwha

  1. Spectacular honey. Absolutely. Hayanga. Taniwha. Close ranks. We’re battling life. Love first. Absolutely gorgeous. Still staring at the picture. Mesmorised.


  2. I’d like to have this guy coming out of the ground in my front yard, might prevent people from the park from using our front lawn as a trash bin.


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