Young gannets

Muriwai-11A couple of young gannets nearly ready to fly. They look like gannets in size and shape, though they are speckled. Quite strong, they spend a lot of time stretching and flapping their wings in preparation for the big leap. And it’s an all or nothing shot – one try is all they get. Fly – or fall to the rocks and crashing waves below.

I am quite sure these two in the centre will be fine. But not at all sure about the younger one in the upper right hand corner, still fluffy with baby down, still struggling to manage those massive wings. Fingers crossed it will have another month to grow into young adulthood. Can’t help feeling sad for the late arrivals, those still just fluffy white fairy down, still struggling to hold their heads up… I know it’s the way it’s meant to be – but I can’t help but root for every one of these precious babies…


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