Miranda Shorebirds…

I’ve developed a real fascination with New Zealand’s birds. I’ve always loved birds (who doesn’t?) but photographing them is difficult without serious equipment. But last year I acquired a Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens and since then, there’s been no stopping me. I’ve been out nearly every weekend trying to capture them.

The Miranda Shorebird Centre is on the Firth of Thames, about an hours south east of Auckland, through some countryside that is a bit on the dry side, heavy on the ruddy hues and probably not as pretty as the central and western parts of the north island. The whole area has a naturally sombre tone, soft beiges and greys, muted greens and washed out blues. Very soothing. 

This guy is a wrybill. Quite little. Nests in this scrubby, muddy brush. Love his crooked little bill.

Miranda-24Godwits and Pied Stilts flocking. Amazing how the light changes so quickly.



Pied Stilt with a worm. 
Miranda-162cGodwit pair
Miranda-204 copy

Wading birds seem to get along for the most part. All the quarreling I witness was from the pied stilts, who form pairs that battle with other pairs… Herons are such scene stealers – one of the most common shorebirds, they are always stunning.

Miranda-304 copy

Miranda-336 copy

Miranda-339 copy

Pied Stilt melee
Miranda-377 copy

Post melee – the victors drive the interlopers away…


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3 thoughts on “Miranda Shorebirds…

    1. Thanks – sadly, I did not LOVE any of my shots from that day, though I do like a lot of them… I intended to go for my photographic honours this year, shooting native birds. Which meant I had to come up with 12 mind-blowingly perfect shots to submit to the judges. I ended up with eight that fit the bill. And no matter how I cut them, zhuzhed them, begged and pleaded with them, I could not get another four to do the job. And I had real hopes for this trip – but the light just wasn’t right… (imagine soft golden light glancing off some of those feathers, illuminating some of those scarlet stilted legs, bathing that wee dotteral in glorious gold…) sigh… maybe next year…


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