Grace2On the ride back home… warm and tired, watching the sun set in honey hues, thinking how pretty it is. And then a flock of seagulls flies into the frame and I am so glad I have my camera in my lap. It may not be as sharp as I would like, but capturing just this moment – I don’t mind…


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2 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I think that the slight blur enhances the effect. Your ability to get such great shots without any kind of planning makes me extremely envious.


    1. I learned to compose on the fly with my first SLR – I used to take my camera to work and shoot from the bus window on the way home. It really was great training that still comes in handy. Can’t say it’s as good as when I have time and a tripod, etc – but it’s a shot I wouldn’t have at all if I had to rely on those things


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