More Bits of Summer

Sorry for missing out on yesterday. As I was preparing to post, there was an enormous bang – like an explosion somewhere out on the street. The lights flashed a second and then the power went out. Pretty scary – especially for down here in the soothing nowhere-ness of Titirangi. Then the power popped back on and all was well, except the internet wasn’t working. Ah well…

Here are some more summery bits from this, the most perfect I can ever remember having in New Zealand. When it does rain – I don’t even mind…
Goat Island-102

The red billed gull is my favourite gull. Pretty nasty to be honest (aren’t they all?) But possibly the most photogenic gull in the world.


Seaweed, slippery, slimey, icky and kind of yuck… kind of awesome too…


I told you  – I’m a sucker for a red billed gull – especially one prancing around with a prize in its mouth.

Don't fence me in
And this summer, we’ve just got so many vistas like this – blue and green that go on forever and ever. I wish summer would too…

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8 thoughts on “More Bits of Summer

    1. Ha ha! You might be right – no driving for an hour to get there, slogging a backback full of gear up hills and across the sand… no squatting for ages, waiting for the right moment… no moaning about the shots you missed… no processing files…
      Fortunately, I do love doing all of that – but it is rather a lot of effort for sure!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with gulls. They have such nasty dispositions, yet I always associate them with that pre-new-age story, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, in which they are almost ethereal.

    Had to do a second take on the seaweed. I like to look at your pictures before I read the description to see if you’ve fooled me.


    1. And I associate Jonathan Livingston Seagull with Neil Diamond’s fall from grace… I was about 14 when the book came out and wasn’t particularly enthralled (couldn’t understnad the fuss over Rod McKuen either). Some friend had the soundtrack and played it for me. One of my first true ‘ick’ experiences – embarrassing to listen to… just awful… I should listen again now – just for a bit, see if my reaction is any different. I don’t remember the actual recording at all, only that I couldn’t believe Neil Diamond would make something like that.


      1. The recording was schmaltzy, no doubt. The boy I was going steady with took me to see the JLS movie. I think I loved the story because the boy loved the story. You know, young love, all impressionable and stupid. I loathed Rod McKuen. Ha. Good times.


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