Yellow Man

Yellow Man

Did a bit of street photography today – at the Auckland Buskers Festival. Now you would think that these buskers, from all over the world, performing an array of acrobatics, contortion and general street theatre would hold my attention. But no – most of what they did was yack, yack, yack and prance around doing a lot of nothing with occasional bits of something every now and again that, let’s face it, in this digital age, we can find people doing all sorts of amazing things within seconds, so  the occasional handspring and sprinkling of well worn jokes just didn’t cut it for me.

No worries, my jaded cynicism had no impact on the crowds of folks who were loving it all. I just decided to shoot other, more interesting things. Like the yellow man. He was just there, also not watching the buskers. Too jaded himself I guess… Thought he looked pretty cool. Love the tats…

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