Lake Wainamu


I almost feel like I am doing a travel blog on behalf on New Zealand these days. There are worse things to be doing – and I am always discovering new, amazing places. Like Lake Wainamu. A small, freshwater lake (all lakes are freshwater, aren’t they? Or are they? I don’t know) slightly inland from Bethells Beach about 40 minutes from my house. The lake is nice enough – cat tails, a picturesque dock, gorgeous reflections of the perfect sky…

But what makes it amazing is the dunes – sand dunes that extend for nearly a square kilometer (about 1/2 a mile square), which is enormous – and not part of the beach – they’re just there – like a mini Sahara on the edge of Auckland! This is my favourite photo of the bunch, but here’s one with a bit of perspective:

Lone Photog copy



We walked through the shallow stream trickling from the lake to get there – much much easier on the everything than climbing dunes!



And when we got there, we found the very lovely, cat-tail fringed, romantically dock-ed lake. And we meant to walk around it, but some boys had got a roll of industrial plastic and sculpted a massive slide from the top of a lakeside dune, right into the water. The made it slippier with dish soap and buckets of water. I wished I could have joined them – gone down at least once. But there was the camera gear to think of…



After that, I figured it was time to head home. Snapped this one of some grassy tufts along the way.



Check out the aerial view on Google Maps.

Amazing, local and free! And no crowds, even on a Saturday!




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2 thoughts on “Lake Wainamu

  1. I used to love to climb sand dunes. Getting to the top was such a victory. Don’t know if I could do it now. The thought of sliding down one is quite appealing, though.


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