Milford Sound Waterfall

Milford Sd -waterfall

With travel, one is always taking a punt on the weather. And travelling around New Zealand, even moreso. This is my third trip to Milford Sound and it has been raining/overcast every single time. So it goes… Milford Sound is so breathtaking, it is hard to complain or feel short-changed in the least. But it always seems to be cold and damp.

So – a couple of non-notable peaks, shrouded in cloud and fog and a waterfall, probably a couple hundred metres high, draining the rains from the mountain tops. If you look above and slightly to the right, you will see there are dozens of little rivulets streaming down, feeding it. The stuff of… Middle Earth, I guess…

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6 thoughts on “Milford Sound Waterfall

    1. I wonder if Tolkien ever visited NZ? I guess not, or we’d be bombarded with info about it – what he said, thought, who he touched… In many ways this is a very silly country… our obsession with Middle Earth is bizarre… I don’t think there is a part of the place that has not been filmed in those movies and I find myself trying to remember what scene some area of interest is in…


      1. Really – nowhere else… the diversity of landscape and climate here is amazing – tropical to tundra – and in a country the size of California. I’ve been to a lot of amazing places and beautiful countries, but this one really is different…


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