Maori Bay Cave at low tide

maori bay cave

A fascinating little cave at Maori Bay, Muriwai. This is at low tide and as you can see, the water never fully recedes. The top of this cliff is occupied by the gannet colony, but the lower ledges are occupied at the moment by nesting white fronted terns – an extremely territorial medium size bird that swooped down at us, shrieking and came perilously close to my husband’s ear. But I was fascinated by this cave, which is actually a tunnel right through the rock formed by the powerful high-tide waters. Even at low tide, the waters lap on the other end and occasionally come through to the side you see here.

A difficult shot to get as it was actually very contrasty. So I took half a dozen shots and then blended them for a modified HDR effect. I rather dislike ‘proper’ HDR (high dynamic range) images as they tend to lose all contrast and sense of depth and thus seem artificial looking to me, more like illustrations than photos. Of course many people love them, and that is, of course, fine. Just not my cuppa. I think this blend is more representative of what my eyes could see this late in the day. And that cave was bloody dark. Perhaps I will return on a day when low tide is earlier and maybe get a peek at what’s inside. Maybe venture inside, but not with my gear…

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8 thoughts on “Maori Bay Cave at low tide

    1. Yeah, I took about a half a dozen shots and layered them in photoshop, erasing (actually masking) the parts that were too dark or too bright to get a more balanced image similar to what I saw. The light was so low and couldn’t do any shadow lightening without getting a tonne of noise, which is why the cave stayed as dark as I saw it…

      I’ve got a week off work just now and hope to get out there to check up on the fledglings and hopefully get a closer look at this cave…


      1. I’ve never tried masking. For some reason, it intimidates me. Is it harder?
        Work? I thought you worked for yourself, which of course is work. I suppose I mean to say that you have a week with no production commitments or did you go back to the daily grind?


      2. Masking is the same as erasing, except it is completely reversible and changeable throughout the process. I was hesitant to try it until I did a little tutorial I found on line. Now I use it all the time. I highly recommend it.

        As for work – I have been working for myself in my online marketing business for the last 2+ years, doing email newsletters and building small business websites and multimedia shows. It’s been great – I make enough to pay the bills and enjoy the relaxed pace of life it gives me.

        However, I’ve been hankering to go to Norway for a month and shoot the Aurora Borealis, which is not an inexpensive proposition. I’ve been pondering how to swing it in 2013, when I got a call just before I left for my cruise from a former colleague who is setting up a new department in a major construction company and needs my services for three months. I was able to negotiate a good rate of pay with 2 hours set aside per day to work on the Communicate stuff. And… it will easily pay for my holiday to Norway, including excursions to Iceland and Singapore, whilst I continue to earn the bread and butter stuff that pays the bills.

        I figure the universe is doing everything it can to make my trip to Norway possible. But of course, it’s up to me to grab it. So… three months back in corporate… I can do that standing on my head… starting on the 7th of January…


      3. Wow. That sounds perfect. Norway sounds perfect. I am once again agog with envy. It does seem as if your stars are aligning quite nicely. Good on you.


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