Oakley Creek Reflection4


Last one in this series… I am thinking though that despite its limitations, I must get my photography group there and share this with them… Funny though, how when I’m shooting something I think is amazing, I am never sure if other photographers would agree… I admit to having been described as a bit quirky over the years, which leads me to be a bit cautious about leading others down my oddly beaten paths… sometimes I’ve got it right but others… yeah, I suppose it’s like that for everyone…

Tomorrow – I am off to visit the gannets in Muriwai again. It may seem as though I’ve become a bit obsessed, it’s the third time this season – but the last two times the birds were mating – I hope to see some eggs or even hatchlings tomorrow! And the tide will be fully out at 6.45, which might give me access to the elusive Maori Bay, with its promise of starfish and pillow lava formations. Film at 11.

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4 thoughts on “Oakley Creek Reflection4

    1. Ha ha! Thank you!

      Photography groups are like any other kind of group – some folks are visionary, others technical, some are copycats, some just want to snap and be praised… I’m fine with all of them – except so-called ‘purists’ who snap and refuse to edit their photos – not even straighten the horizon… all right – and the ones who walk around with $10k worth of gear around their necks – and it’s all set to auto…

      And no, I am not a snob to people that use point and shoots… I met an absolutely charmingly eccentric Chinese woman on the trip who was travelling alone. She had a high-quality point and shoot which she really knew how to use to the max. And she had a tripod.

      She had an odd, sort of 1920s dress sense, though she was in her mid-fifties. Hat and gloves and socks and mid-high heels with a knee-length smock-dress – all in charcoal and red. She went everywhere by herself and set up her little camera and tripod and took photos of herself everywhere. She didn’t mind if people watched – and I had quite a long chat with her. And I wish I could see her album when she gets home. And I just might because I gave her my email address… fingers crossed


      1. She sounds like the kind of person I’d like to meet, and perhaps the kind of person I’d like to be. If she sends you anything, I’d love to see a few.


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