Nasty thing



Funny how nasty is all in how you define it… back in the day, when I lived in upstate New York, I planted nasturtiums in the garden, loved and watered them and weeded out those things that might have interfered with them. My youngest child, a keen gardener almost from the womb, was especially fond of them as they are completely edible and the summer salads of her early years were adorned with all shades of nasties (it was a big word for a two year old!)

Flash forward a couple of decades and a shift to a new world and here they are rampant weeds, everywhere. People hate them. Loathe them. Curse them. I know I should, too. But I just can’t. Too many happy memories wrapped up in them…

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4 thoughts on “Nasty thing

    1. And they come in a splendid array – yellows, reds, pinks and even purples… but… they are not NZ natives and have no natural controls so they run rampant. There is a lot of that here, besides nasturtiums and morning glories, Wandering Jew has gone amok, wild ginger, gorse, African daisies, lupins – too many to name, really… all wonderfully lovely in their native locations, but monsters here for the environment and native birds… and all of them innocently planted in people’s gardens for a bit of colour… sigh… the world is a very complicated place…


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