Oakley Creek Bridge


Oakley Creek Bridge

Gotta love a bridge in the middle of nowhere. It’s coming from nowhere and going to nowhere. It’s nowhere all around… but a rather nice place to be…

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5 thoughts on “Oakley Creek Bridge

    1. Funny – I remember responding to this and yet – it’s not here… maybe I just thought of my response in my head without actually typing it down. That happens sometimes…

      Anyway, I got to thinking about the metaphor for your life and how some folks might say it was sad or unfortunate (not me!), which got me thinking about the folks who would never bother with a bridge to nowhere or a road that didn’t go somewhere, or a path unbeaten, or an unfamiliar tune, or a book they never heard of by a writer they hadn’t read before… They’ll never dance naked in the rain. And I wouldn’t want to be them, no matter how much success or fame they might have… blecchh!


      1. The bridges to nowhere can be the best kind sometimes. Think of the possibilities of what awaits on the other side. When I first made the comment, I was being negative, but today I see it in an entirely different light, and I agree with you completely.


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