Oakley Creek Walkway Reflection1

Oakley Walkway Reflection1

There have been a number of articles in the local papers lately about one of Auckland’s great undiscovered treasures – The Oakley Creek Walkway, which follows along Oakley Creek and has a nice little waterfall. It was a perfect Saturday, so the husband I packed up our gear and headed down the road toward the city and set out looking for one of several entrances – which are well marked and easy to access, but they are mostly off Great North Road, one of Auckland’s busiest roads and there is no place to park … but we did well to find something on a side road and began our decent. Though it’s described as a very easy walk, those steps are a total barrier to anyone with mobility issues, which is a shame.

It’s a pretty nice walk – about 1.5 kms (a bit over a mile) through some nice, but not terribly interesting bush. There are so many invasive weeds, including very pretty nasturtiums, daisies and morning glory, which choke out the native plants. But there are lots of charming little bridges wandering over the creek. Some families out walking their kids, a few dogs. The light came and went and I shot some water and a few ducks and a bit of bush – the photos, strange to say, were so much more interesting than the reserve. Hmmm…

We continued on – to the waterfall… ugh… there are times when I just hate (some of) my fellow humans… the little observation deck to view the falls from above had been set on fire and completely destroyed. Judging from the strong burnt odour, I would say it was very recently, probably on Guy Fawkes Day (a week or so ago). And the entire falls area was littered with broken beer bottles, cartons, general rubbish, and more than a few little piles of human waste… Just one of those moments when I have to stop and breathe and remind myself that as much as I would like to be egalitarian and compassionate and understanding – some people just are not worth it… Ugh…

That said, I set up my tripod and got out my ND filters and got some pretty nice, very inviting shots of the falls and the ducks and some interesting trees and… well, by the time I was done, I’d shot a couple of hundred images.

When I got home I processed them and found that I had a number of rather amazing shots! Which I will run over the next few days… Without this upfront admission, one might have thought The Oakley Creek Walkway was one of Auckland’s hidden treasures. I have to say it really isn’t, though it could be – and maybe will be, one day… Of course if you’re a photographer – it’s a different story.

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3 thoughts on “Oakley Creek Walkway Reflection1

  1. Another great photo! You never cease to amaze me. I too have to shudder at these alleged humans that go into a beautiful natural wonderland and muck it up with trash, an other unmentionable flotsam.


  2. Why do humans have to act so barbaric? We had a lovely playground in the park next door, and some hoodlums (love that word) set fire to everything.

    Your description of this place reminds me of Seashore State Park, or at least that’s what it used to be called. I think it’s False Cape now. Lovely trails, all kinds of interesting things to look at and shoot.


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