The Crown Road


There’s a long way to get from Queenstown to Wanaka. And there’s also a shortcut… The Crown Road, winding over the Crown ranges – hairpin turns, rock-slides and a bit of screaming on my part. We always go this way and it always terrifies me… It looks so pretty, so scenic from here…

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3 thoughts on “The Crown Road

    1. You do have rather a lot of them in Finland, don’t you? Is Norway much the same?

      Have you gone up to the far north to shoot the northern lights? We are trying to put together a trip to Norway next year – it’s one of my ‘big rocks’ I’ve got to do…


      1. I think Norway is much better, with all the mountains. I’ve been up north only once during winter, but wasn’t lucky. 5 nights but no northern lights.
        I am sure you will enjoy Norway!


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