Ngongotaha on Lake Rotorua

Ngongotaha on Lake Rotorua

This idyllic little scene was a few minutes walk from our motel in Ngongotaha (Non-ga-ta-ha – really, it’s easy once you know how!)

The lake was a bit rough, which didn’t bother the swans (they are tiny, but just to the left of the yellow buoy) or the trout, which were swimming madly, much to the delight of the local fisherpersons… I want this little boat though – just a little something to go toodling out for an afternoon’s pleasure… Or – I’ll just be content with this photo…

And for those planning a visit to New Zealand – yes, Rotorua is a must-see destination, but by staying in a place like Ngongotaha, you can really enjoy the beauty of the area and spend half or less than you would in town. We were only 15 minutes from all the big tourist stuff if we had wanted to go there…

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4 thoughts on “Ngongotaha on Lake Rotorua

  1. How lovely.

    It looks as if youngest son is going to make his way across the world to visit New Zealand in 2013. He really wants to do it, and I told him that this is the best time in his life, while he is unencumbered. He has a friend in NZ via Skype, and they are planning to travel and stay in hostels. I am absolutely agog with jealousy.


    1. Yes! He must! I wish I had when I was young, but there were so many reasons not to do it, none of which were ever good enough. He will have a fabulous time – there are so many young, hostelling visitors here, and such good infrastructure to accommodate them (as opposed to say, my whimsical jaunt over to Medan, Indonesia…) – I am also envious! When is he planning to come? I can’t say I highly recommend the rainy season, but shoulder seasons are fabulous. (We have gorgeous summers, but that’s also the busy time, not just for overseas visitors, but Kiwis on holiday as well.


      1. Rainy season is generally May- October, though July and August are the worst. July and August, it can rain heavily every day. That said, it’s a couple of islands in the southern ocean – it’s gonna rain!
        I would not recommend January unless that is the ONLY time he can come. That is the highest of the high season. All our kids are on summer holiday and families take their 2-3 week escapes – so EVERYthing will be booked out.
        It is also the Silly Season, which confounded my step-daughter when she was here – restaurants and supermarkets were out of stuff because there were no deliveries, businesses were closed for weeks on end. Of course the visitor infrastructure is in place and there is no danger of starvation or being left on the street – but if there are things he wants to do like visit the Lion Red Brewery or Cadbury factory, they probably won’t be open. It’s part of the charm of living here, but confounding to some Americans…
        February is the most beautiful summer month, and the kids are back at school, their parents back at work. It’s still quiet busy, as is March…


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