A tree


Who can resist a solitary tree at the top of a hill???

(I think this might have been a wee bit inspired by Six Feet Under…)

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5 thoughts on “A tree

    1. But what kind of tree??? There are so so very many…
      For years I felt I was a tree – but a tree on a barge or other large flat boat, filled with soil and all the other things a tree needs to live. But nonetheless a tree at sea, which is entirely unnatural for a tree to be, no matter how healthy it appears to be. A tree is meant to set its roots deep into the soil (well, not if you are a palm tree…)… I guess my barge found a harbour – and I became an island…
      (Have you read Life of Pi? I found that book so utterly charming and close to my heart – I wished I had written half of it and maybe could have. I hear they have made a movie out of it – not sure I want to see it.)


      1. I loved that book, and I agree, not sure how the movie could possibly captures the book’s essence.

        Kind of tree? Probably a weeping willow, on an island, in the middle of the ocean. I know. Totally improbable and impossible.


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