Hangarua Springs

This is a straight out of the camera shot of the Hangarua Spring, the headwaters of Lake Rotorua. Eerily quite in the midst of a stand of California Redwoods (I do hope the folks that planted these beauties did not cut down a stand of native Kauri to do so!), it pumps about a million gallons an hour into a stream that feeds the lake. The ripply water, the spring below, the reflections of the sky and trees above. Mesmerising.

For perspective, here is a shot from above. The water is crystalline, the definition of clear. I always want to take more and more photos of places like this, as if there was a way to really capture it and bring it home with me. I do, I guess, but it’s not in the photos…

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5 thoughts on “Watercolour

  1. The first looks like an Impressionist painting….very nice of nature to cooperate with your photography talent~! Dizzy looking at the 2nd one…what a neat perspective though.


    1. That’s what I thought when I was looking at live – that this is really the inspiration for the impressionists. I was going to tweak it a bit, but no matter what I did, I made it less than what it was, so I left it alone. Definitely one of my most satisfying photographs.


    1. Of course. You would love being here even more… I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where the silence was so pronounced. It was a thing. Even when a group of children came to see and they were laughing and talking as children do – the sound was muted, almost distant, as if it was being filtered. And I could hear my voice in my head more than through my ears.


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