A yellow drop

While there is no doubt that most of photography comes from the eye of the photographer, there is simply no discounting the part that comes from having great equipment. Still getting my head around this new lens, discovering what it can do and just loving it all.

I don’t know what the name of this flower is – any help would be much appreciated!

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6 thoughts on “A yellow drop

  1. Pretty much everything grows in Texas, including trumpet flowers, as long as it doesn’t need cool breezes and copious amounts of water and unlimited shade! Being a huge state, there is a lot of variety in what grows well in which regions. I’m in South Texas where everything stays green and continues to bloom nearly year-round. Can’t imagine living in a brown landscape for months out of the year while winter does its thing.


    1. I think New Zealand is the ante-Texas (though we are not anti-Texas)… We’ve got pretty much full-time cool breezes, copious amounts of water and what we call bush you all call rainforest – so much shade my delicate complexion need never be tainted by sunlight…
      Funny, I’ve been to Texas a couple of time when I was in my early teens – once we went to the world’s fair in San Antonio, which I recall was very desert and the other, we went to Galveston and camped on the beach for a week, which was, well, beachy… So my memories of Texas are pretty much all brown. My darling hubby is from Texas though and his extended family is in east Texas which he tells me is nice and green. (His mum was from San Francisco though and she lured her Texan boy to the big city…)


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